Yesterday, my son sent me an e-mail. One of his coworkers had asked his advice for a camera that she would give to her husband as a gift. Here is the criteria:

  1. Has to be compact (should fit into the palm).
  2. Nice pixel resolution for high quality pics
  3. Value to price ($250 is the budget)
  4. Accessories should be included and widely available (I don’t want something that is made last month in Sri lanka!)
  5. Brands preferable.. (Sony, Canon etc)

Quite honestly, I have no earthly idea. My first thought was the Canon S90 or S95, but the S95 runs about $100 over the specified budget, so that’s out. Rather than go out and try to figure it out among the myriad of choices, I thought that I’d the people in the know, you guys and gals.

Does anyone have a suggestion that might meet the criteria?


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