Moon along the path – iPhone

I’ve been pondering this blog post for a couple of days, since John made the comment:

I’ll be getting an iPhone in December, but I honestly can’t see me using for ‘serious’ photography, more for spur of the moment things, like taking a photo of a sofa in a furniture store or something like that.

This is not to pick on John’s opinion, to be sure. His comment just provided some food for thought for my brain to chew on for a couple of days. If I look back at the photos that I’ve taken this year, and by camera, it kind of breaks down like this:

  • Nikon D300 – 4,361 (Peaceful Dragon Tournaments. Lots of 6 FPS shots)
  • Leica M9 – 2,517
  • iPhone – 1,310 (I thought it was only 500 but they get labeled differently when you use Hipstamatic)
  • Nikon D90 – 950 – (A rental to use at the wedding)
  • Canon S90 – 473
  • Film – 328

We, as humans, love to categorize, classify, group, and try to understand the parameters of something … place it into neat little boxes of understanding. So, it is with that desire that I write this post and try to understand what is meant by ‘serious’.

As you can see, I use the iPhone a lot. As a matter of fact, had it not been for the wedding, it certainly would have been used more than the M9. Of course, this is because of convenience. I have it with me all of the time.

Every once in a while, this voice will pop up in my head and tell me that I ‘should’ be using something else to get the shots because, after all, the iPhone is ‘only’ a camera phone; however, if you lookout in the Twittersphere, you’ll see of number of photographers who’ve gone almost exclusively to the iPhone, such as Dixon Hamby.

So, that brings me to the question:

What is ‘serious’ photography?

Do you have to take the photograph with a certain type of camera, or does it go to intended usage? That is, if you are going to print it, then it can’t be done by a camera phone? I’ve printed a few of my iPhone shots and really like the results, so that can’t be it (for me).

Of course, if you’re working for a magazine or a client and they demand a certain resolution, then the camera certainly does count. I’m not espousing that all cameras will get the job done, for I certainly never photographed a basketball game with a camera phone, or a wedding, for that matter. 🙂

All cameras are not created equally, but can they all produce ‘serious’ work, whatever that means?

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