In a previous post, Ken made a comment about the photo that accompanied the post. He said:

I’ve also found reading good photography related blogs (such as this) to be just as interesting.
I really like this shot, too. Perfect example of the rule of thirds.
~Ken Bello

Having thought nothing of it when I composed the photo nor when I posted it, I had to look at it and remark to myself: He’s absolutely right! That’s pretty much text book rule of thirds. Interesting. I wonder how much I do that without even thinking. Hmmmm.

I have some stuff in my collection where I might divide the horizon by 90/10 or perhaps 10/90, depending on what I’m trying to highlight. I might even go a bit more extreme if I am shooting dramatic clouds. I don’t religiously adhere to it, but in looking back among my photos, I see that I most certainly am no stranger to it. 🙂

Yesterday, as Hobbs sat, once again, in the sunlight, I framed up this photo with my iPhone. I have cropped it from its original format of 4:3 to 1:1; however, when I framed it, I put him smack in the middle because that is what felt right. The square cropping came after the fact, but being right in the middle felt right for this one. Also, I rather ignored all the advice to watch out for shadows and highlights. I like the starkness of the photo.

I’m such a rebel! 🙂

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