Wow! A full 60% of my last few posts, 3/5, have included my photo. Narcissism? Inflated ego? Nah. I just have a few that I liked that Debra took of me. Usually, as you know, I’m on the other side of the camera.

I read an excellent post by Ken the other day, Does Style Change? And, as am I wont to do, I started thinking about my personal photography, such as it is today. Sometimes, when I look at the work of others who are doing fantastic landscape photos (Mark), exceptional equine photos (Anita), or beautiful photography on historic locations (Earl), I think: Wow! They really know what they are doing and know what they like! I’m all over the frickin board!!!

This is not to single out anyone in particular and exclude others. Those were just some names that popped into my head. There are many others, to be sure. To throw one more in the mix, I just love Tom Dills eye for architecture. We shot side by side, and this is always interesting, at the same location and I was impressed by what he got. I didn’t ‘see’ any of the same stuff. πŸ™‚

So, back to Ken’s post: As I read it, I thought of my style and I’ve come to no conclusion. I’m still not sure what style is, truthfully. Perhaps it is your personal way of shooting/portraying your chosen subject. It seems to defy definition. In cruising back through my blog, looking at my photos, I see some that I think are pretty impressive, others, not so much. It’s the nature of the game, I suppose.

Regarding subjects: At one point, I fancied myself as a landscape/nature photographer and between 2004, the beginning of this blog, and about 2007, perhaps 2008, most of my photos portrayed that thought. Around 2008, my tastes started to drift more towards people, then events, now it seems to encompass everything. LOL

I’ve become The Journalist and I like it. I had fantasies of becoming a newspaper photographer when I first started shooting, among other types, too. Just this week, I’ve been asked a couple of times for photos from last year’s Peaceful Dragon events. In going back through the photos, I realized that I was at nearly every event and no matter what they asked for, I could provide it. It’s a good thing that I read The DAM Book. It gave me some good ideas for keeping things where I could find them.

As a final note, a photo of mine was published the other day in The Lake Wylie Pilot. So, in retrospect, I guess that I am a journalist! πŸ™‚

Kickin' it old school
Canon G12 vs S90 impressions