Motion snapshot
Finally! The clouds broke and I could get the camera out into some natural light! I know that it would be considered a gadget, but I wanted to try the movie snapshot. The camera takes a 2 second, slow motion shot of whatever you are pointing at and then adds a single shot at the end. No, nothing earth shattering, but I wanted to try it. So, included in this post are two such motion snapshots. 🙂 Music is included; however, in order to get it, you have to use Nikon’s software, ViewNX2, which I do not have. It is, however, easily changed by bringing it into iMovie, or some other movie making/editing software and adding your own track. Optionally, to make much longer (short) movies, you could put the camera into 30 fps mode, or even 60 and take a number of bursts, making your own slow motion movie!

On to more serious matters. In using a camera on the street, you want to be stealthy so that you can capture the moment. Noisy cameras call attention. Big cameras call attention. Photographers looking like they are trying to be stealthy, call attention. However, smaller cameras seem to insignificant. In order to capture moments, street photographers generally employ such things as zone focusing. When I’m using the Leica, I use it all the time. Focus at near infinity, set the lens on f/11 with an appropriate shutter speed, react! That’s about it.

I wanted to see how this camera would fare with street shooting:

In a word: fast! This camera doesn’t hesitate. A tried quite a few quick draw moves, near and far. What I mean by quick draw is that I had the camera at my waist, raised it quickly, pointing at what I wanted to shoot, and pressed the shutter. It responded immediately and, the best part, none of the images that I took were out of focus, no matter if they were near, or far, taken at 10 mm or 30 mm, all were sharp. It didn’t miss! I realize that with such a small sensor that part of this could be the large amount of DOF that the camera has, inherently, but I was shooting wide open (f/3.5) and still, no misses. Impressive! So, I would say that it most certainly passed the street test!

Tonight, it goes on the tripod for some shots of downtown Charlotte at night. 🙂 I have to send it back on Thursday evening, so I can’t let moss grow under my feet, ya know!

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