The beast is back! After a long hiatus, the D300 is finally back in my hands and on my tripod. I’ve not used this camera in nearly a year. It started flaking out last year, around April and finally gave up in June. It wasn’t until mid-November that I sent it back to Nikon. Then, it was on hold, awaiting parts for nearly a month, but it finally arrived yesterday. This, in itself, was a surprise. I just happened to check the site, expecting to see On Hold, but instead saw Shipped. I was very surprised. Even more so when I clicked on the tracking number and saw that it was in Charlotte and out for delivery! 😀

It arrived around 1:00 PM. I fired it up, had a few shots to see that everything was peachy, and set about reseting the menus the way that I like them: Auto focus assist – off, sounds – off, all that nonsense.

Today, I had a number of meetings, the final one ended at around 2:30. I decided to head to the park for about 30 minutes and take a few shots … righhhhhhhhhhtttt! I got to the park at around 3:00 and easily slipped into the zone, so to speak. I took a few shots by the river, after I figured out how to work the camera again. It was funny to watch after getting used to other cameras, not using this one for so long, and then coming back. Comedy at its finest!

I walked up and down the trails, looking here and there. At one point I startled either a hawk or an owl, I didn’t get to quite see what it was, but it sure didn’t like that I was so close. I would have to guess owl. I’ve almost walked into an owl before. I usually don’t see hawks perched that low, but you never know. The woods were so quiet, save for the distant fun-filled yells of some younger girls with extremely high pitched voices. Man, they could yell! Eventually, they stopped and all was quiet save for the wonderful background noises of the woods.

It had been a long while, more than a year, since I had mounted the camera on a tripod, walked along the woods, took my time, and just enjoyed what I was doing. As you can probably guess, I went over my 30 minutes, just a tad … well, by an hour and fifteen minutes. Hmmmm. 4:45? I suppose I ought to be getting back home now.

What a good time that was. I’ve got more such outings planned. Who knows? Maybe I’ll see that hawk or owl again. I’m sure it’s out there.

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