I got an e-mail from Tom Dills the other day letting me know that there was a one-day, local photography workshop that I might be interested in. As far as photography is concerned, I’m self-taught, and I’ve only been to 2 workshops, both with Craig Tanner, one in late 2006, the other, early 2007. Since then, I’ve not felt the need to invest in that way.

The thought occurred to me that other photographers invest in themselves in various ways, such as equipment, workshops, travel, whatever. So, being the curious guy that I am, I just wonder how you, as a photographer, invest in the growth of your craft. Is buying a new camera enough?

Some of the things that I’ve done:

1. Subscribe to periodicals, such as Lenswork.
2. Subscribe to online tutorials for Photoshop, Lightroom, etc (video lessons)
3. Take a workshop or two.
4. Learn new things at websites like, Strobist.
5. Travel to meet new and interesting photographers. Yes, I consider this an investment in myself.
6. Renting cameras to learn about new cameras/features.

I’m sure that there are more, but I am interested to know what you do. Care to share?

Well now, this is just cool!
Reading and practicing