Things come. Things go. Sometimes things seem like a good idea and turn out to be not such a good idea, but we learn.

I bought the Leica M9, not quite a year ago. During that time, I’ve taken 4,567 photos with it. Most of those that Pedro’s wedding and in Australia. Other than that, I’ve not used it all that much. This year, I’ve taken 133 photos with it. Not many.

So, why don’t I use it that much? Well, I did, of course, when I first got it. Of course, it was fun. It was new. It was the only full-frame camera that I had, AND, my D300 was broken. After using for nearly year, I see that it doesn’t quite fit my style of photography. I’m not taking as many street shots as I thought that I would and, therefore, it sits largely unused. To my way of thinking, this is a big waste of money that could be utilized elsewhere, put towards something that I want to do, or perhaps a more useful camera, perhaps an upgrade to a full-frame Nikon and a lens or two. Who knows. I’ve had a secret yearning for that D700 since it was released and I’ve not given into it … yet! 🙂 Then again, I may just hold on to the money and use it for travel.

At any rate, as is the case with digital cameras, even the vaunted Leica brand, they devalue. I was talking to Adorama, and they said that they would pay about 70% of full retail if the camera is in excellent shape, which mine is. A quick calculation of that gives me about $4900, plus whatever they will give me for the 50 mm Summicron lens and the extra battery. So, I may come away with close to $6,000. Yeah, it’s certainly less than I paid, but certainly better than having it sit, gathering dust, and depreciating even more.

I’ve received the shipping label from Adorama. They will receive the camera, evaluate all that I sent them, give me a price. I can accept or reject. If I accept, they will direct deposit the amount to me. If I reject, well, I just need to pay for return shipping.

It was interesting while I had it. Having a rangefinder was something that I wanted to do, and I did it. It took a while to figure out that it just didn’t fit my style. The camera was a great camera, having wonderful image quality, but … just not for me.

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