Going over my photos from the past several years and preparing my books has been a great learning experience. Previously, I’d take the photos and move on. Now, having to go back to the past photos, evaluate them for inclusion in a book, and really ‘see’ them again has opened my eyes to what I really like and where I think that I connect in photography. Most of the photos that I selected, where I really felt that I was ‘there’. In the workshop that I will be taking with Les Saucier, on March 10th, we need to bring 6 photos for critique. Some where we felt that we really showed up, others where we were there, but didn’t quite ‘show up’. All of the ones where I sincerely felt that I showed up are landscape and macro. All, early morning, very few in the evening. Obviously, that’s where I do my best work. It helps to know that. I don’t see it as a constraint, merely knowledge.

Since about 2009, I’ve been all over the map. A little bit of street photography, iPhone photography, this, that, the other. Chaotic. It was all a big experiment, or perhaps where my mind was, a bit, no, a lot unsettled. However, I can tell you that when I went into the park yesterday, put my camera on the tripod, and began to shoot, it felt right. I felt connected again. I felt at peace and felt like I knew what I was doing. The first time that I’ve felt that in a really long time. Everything else felt rushed and unsure. The only downside was that I was limited by time.

I think that I connect in the woods and with people, in a portrait setting and I hope to have some more of those opportunities, perhaps a chance to combine the two! So, more than likely, you’ll be seeing a lot more landscape/insect/wildlife photos from me, with a few portraits thrown in.

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