I’m excited to be back in the woods! This morning, I went back, without fog, and stayed for almost two hours. I was on a hunt for wildflowers, but they were not to be found.
I looked high and low, hither and yon, to and fro and not a wildflower was spotted. Oh well. I had a great time listing to the woodpeckers, the squirrels scampering about, and the trickle of the stream.

On the way I out I saw one of the employees and asked him where was the best place to see wildflowers. He told me that I was about 2 weeks too early, but that when they do start to show up, he told me which trails were good for spring, which for summer, and which for late fall and autumn. Sweet. Nice having someone on the inside.

So, I just spent my morning looking at moss, fungi, and the daffodils. A great morning and a wonderful day thus far, about 75 degrees and sunny. Not bad for March 1st!

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