A scene from Australia

A number of years ago, and I cannot even remember how many years it was, I made a promise to my son to take him to Germany. Honestly, I cannot even remember why I made that promise either. At any rate, a promise is a promise. He’ll be 28 this year and still we’ve not gone to Germany, but I’m setting that right this year. During the first week of August, we will be leaving and heading to Germany. Where in Germany? I have no clue, but as I have a few friends on that side of town, I was hoping for some suggestions. This will be the first time that I’ve set foot on European soil.

So, Andreas, Thomas, Markus, please speak! I’d love to meet one or all of you, too. Also, I plan to get a Eurail Pass to do a little country hopping, but I need to brush up on my European geography to see what is doable in a week. I wish that it could be more, but we get what we get! πŸ™‚

A D700 in my hands
My mind is playing tricks on me