Another first! Kayaking.

This weekend has been a weekend of firsts. Now, another first. Kayaking. I’ve never been before. Today, Deb and I went on a kayaking adventure. She had been before, but I hadn’t. Around 11:00 AM this morning, we went to Adventure Kayaking, rented a couple of kayaks, shoved off, and went a-paddlin.

Of course the guys there were experts and set me with a “Big Guy” kayak. It was a beginner kayak with a wide berth. It was 14 feet long. As I had never kayaked before, it took me a few minutes to learn how to steer. I was padding too close to the boat and couldn’t maneuver well. However, after a few minutes, I figured it out, got the hang of it, and away we went.

As I paddled, my shoulders soon became tired; however, I remembered the saying: There’s no arms in Tai Chi, which means that your arms never move by themselves, always as the side effect of turning your waist. What the heck does that have to do with paddling? Well, I stopped using my arms only and then started paddling using my arms and the rotation of my waist. Now I had a powerful, smooth stroke that I was able maintain for the entire 3 hours that we were out and I didn’t get tired.

As we paddled, we encountered a bit of rain, then sunshine, then back to rain. The rain was actually brief, light rain showers, which were very welcome because it was getting pretty warm and it was a nice way to cool off.

I learned, in that very small craft, the importance of zero wake! It would be easy to topple one of these boats if a larger boat came by at even a modest speed, fortunately, none of them did.

We had a good time, I more than Deb because the boat that she had was hard to steer, but all in all, a good time. Deb treated me to a wonderful time!

I can see Cuba!
With friends like these ...