Well, I finally figured it out. I’ve been wondering what the hell was going on with my gravatar. Sometimes it would show up when I would make a reply to a post that I’d written, other times, it wouldn’t. I tried changing settings and all sorts of things, but couldn’t get it to be consistent, unless I logged into my blog. That was not ever necessary before … that was then, this is now.

That email address is associated with an existing WordPress.com (or Gravatar.com) account. Please click the back button in your browser and then log in to use it.

Link to forum here.

Gravatar.com and WordPress.com are now linked, as in, they are the same! Some of you may have noticed, as I did, going to a wordpress.com blog, such as, to use a real example: http://oneowner.wordpress.com that it will require you to either log into wordpress.com, gravatar.com, Facebook, or Twitter in order to leave a comment. Others of you will not have experienced such a thing.

WordPress.com put in some ‘protection’ to protect against identity theft. If your e-mail address that you are using is in their database, wordpress.com blogs will not allow you to enter a post unless you log in one of those 4 ways – this is to protect you from having someone else use your email and posing as you. Also, for personal blogs, it will not display our gravatar if your e-mail is in their database. The way you get into wordpress.com’s database is to have ever signed up for a blog there, even if you have deleted it! P.I.T.A! So, now I know what’s going on.

Having a private blog, not a part of wordpress.com, users aren’t required to log in to post, but the side effect is that my gravatar won’t show up unless I’m logged in to my blog as admin. Anyone else experiencing this?

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