I love hawks. Sometimes they are elusive creatures. Other times, they just sit and stare at me … usually when I don’t have a camera in my hand, or one of the type that I’d like to have. They’re smart that way. 🙂

Such was the case this morning. I was walking along South Tryon street and noticed this guy fly over a field and land on a post near the edge of the field. I took a few distant shots with the only camera that I had, my iPhone, knowing full well that he’d be pretty small in the frame.

I slowed my pace, entered the field, and tried to get closer and closer to him. He studied me pretty carefully, keeping a watchful eye. He let me get fairly close. This was the best that I could do. Soon, he took flight and was gone! Oh well, at least I had something with me, even if it wasn’t ideal.

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