The way is not clear!

It’s been a day of learning. Here’s what I figured. I’d get me a nice healthy network drive (3 TB!), copy my Lightroom catalogs and images to it, and use it from whatever computer I wanted. Wrong!

Now I remember that Lightroom won’t open a catalog that’s on a network drive. It has to be on your main hard drive, or attached to your computer. I tried and was promptly chastised by LR for attempting to open a catalog on the network. 🙂

In searching the ‘net, I found the same solution over and over: You can either store all of your images on the network drive and your catalogs on your local drive and do it that way OR you can store the catalogs and images on the network drive and copy the catalog when you need to modify it, do your work, and then copy it back.

Well, the second solution doesn’t sound to good to me. Also, there’s the issue of transfer speed, etc. That could be a long process, even with a gigabit network, which will only transfer as fast as the slowest components in the system, usually the hard drives, which top out at about 40 – 60 Mb/second, (mega BITS, not bytes – 8 bits/byte). I don’t relish the thought of copying 350 GB of images to the network drive. That could take days!

Anyway, I know some of you have huge systems and also use LR. Any suggestions would be appreciated. How do you go back and edit use previous catalogs?

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