A snack for the taking!

During my walk this morning, I noticed quite a few of these little caterpillars, or perhaps worms spinning webs from the branches of the tree, to the ground. I see them most every spring. They are called Spring Canker Worms, or inchworms, more commonly. They hang out in oak trees.

This morning, I was going to try to photograph one that was hanging in the sunlight. As I walked down the sidewalk, I noticed one, prepared my camera to the shot. I was about 30 or 40 yards away, perhaps. Suddenly, a robin swooped across the street, snagged it, and made a snack of it. 🙂 I’d never seen that before. Growing up in Ohio, I was used to seeing Robins in the early morning gobbling up unsuspecting earthworms, but I’d never seen one take a snack on the fly! It was pretty cool.

I was able to find another one to take a photo of, but couldn’t get good focus because it was lightly breezy and this guys don’t weigh much, so they’re pretty much dangling and swaying in the breeze! 🙂 None of the shots that I took were in focus, but it was fun anyway.

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