I was going to make this post into two posts, but I think that I can blend them into a cohesive unit. I think. The first part:

The other day, Tom Dills and I were talking about photography while on vacation and how we handle it. Even though we have different approaches, we pretty much handle it the same. We take our time to do the personal work, say in the morning while everyone else is sleeping. He doesn’t like to process or blog while on vacation, while I have no problem with it in the slack times, when I’m not napping. πŸ™‚ There’s always quiet time available on my vacation, sometimes I just sit and enjoy the breeze or conversation, other times, I blog and process photos.

The second part:

Debra asked me if I enjoyed my visit to Butterfly World, which I did. Further, she asked if I enjoyed photographing the butterflies, well that was a yes/no kind of answer. Yes, I did enjoy the visit and chasing the butterflies trying to get a shot or two. The “no” part was that it was in the middle of the day, around 12:30 in the afternoon in the Florida sun, clear blue skies. She remarked how great a day it would be to take pictures and I had to explain to her why it was not such a good day for picture taking, but great for being out and enjoying each others company. πŸ™‚

I knew, when I walked out of the house at 10:30-ish that the chance for me to get what I would consider a ‘good’ photograph was slim and none. There would be lots of people, the sun would be directly overhead, the contrast range would be way out of sensor range, and there would be lots of people. None of these are conducive to taking photos of colorful butterflies unless you planned to take diffusers and other light control items with you. This doesn’t work in a crowd, especially a crowd of gleeful youngsters. However, I was not in the least disappointed because it was not my intent to be a ‘photographer’ at that moment, but to be a companion having a good time.

It’s much the same on vacation. Sometimes I’ll get up early, do my thing, then come back, eat breakfast, and be ready to be a tourist, leaving the camera behind until evening hours … maybe. Sometimes, depending on what we are doing, it may not see the light of day again until morning!

It’s nice to go out without the camera sometimes and not worry about recording events or seeing things. Of course, I’m always looking, but no pressure on myself to capture it – I much prefer wee hours of the morning when I’m the only one around.

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