I am following, with great interest and admiration, Ove’s 365 project. That is, one photo a day for the entire year. No small undertaking, from my point of view, yet, there are a few who do that and more, like Andreas and Juha. I have great admiration for their stamina and dedication. I imagine that I might be able to do it, physically, go out or stay in and take a photo a day, but mentally, I don’t know.

I’ve seen Ove mention a time or two about the difficulties of putting forth some quality work. I imagine that this must be the most difficult part. “Agreeing”, to oneself, to do this, then having to post work that you may feel is not your best quality work, or perhaps in your eyes, not even good; however, I have seen some quality work appear and wonder, had it not been for the task of ‘365’, would those photos be taken? Does this task encourage one to get out, take photos, and show up, or is it just pure drudgery? I’ve seen him almost call it quits, but then summon up the will to carry on. I hope that he will carry it through to its in, if nothing but for bragging rights. 😀

Photographically, I don’t know if I have that much to say. I think that it takes me a bit longer to get in the groove, to notice something. Who knows, if I got out there every day, the ‘words’ might come more effortlessly. For now, I think that I’ll sit back and enjoy his journey.

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