Every once in a while, on a slow day, I’ll do what I call link hopping. That is, for those of you bloggers who visit my site, I’ll visit yours and see who you have on your blogroll (that reminds me, I need to do a better job of keeping my up-to-date). If you don’t have a blogroll, then I’ll read comments and click though to some of the commentators’ sites. Then, I’ll visit a site or two, see if I like the photography and/or writing, then perhaps add them to my RSS reader.

What I have found is that, for the most part, if I like your site, I will, the great majority of the time, like the sites of those who comment or who you have on your blogroll. Now, I had to try the counterpoint to that. I went to a blog that I really don’t care for, the writing or the photos, did the same thing and had similar results. That is, for those commentators that commented on his site, regularly, I clicked through and found that I didn’t care for their photography or their writing. I do admit that I could have already been heavily biased against those who frequent this blog because of my personal opinion of the opinions and photography therein. It is a bit pretentious, in my opinion. 🙂 As they say, birds of a feather, flock together.

Naturally, there is no point to mention the blog, for that is not the point. Both Tom and Earl know which blog that I speak of because we discussed a similar topic during our get-together in Salisbury.

It’s just interesting, at least to me, to notice how similar people/photographers tend to find a comfortable place to hang out. Not surprising, though. I think that it is not necessarily the photography that doesn’t interest me, it’s more of the attitude that goes with it – If you don’t like ‘this’ type of photography, you’ve not grown as a photographer. I’ve never cared for that particular attitude.

Anyway, link hopping is pretty fun and I’ve found some cool blogs. I try to keep my number of RSS feeds down to about 30. So, when some go dormant and don’t post for a long while, or go away, I start hopping and always find new and interesting blogs! There are lots of interesting folks out there and all sorts of styles to admire.

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