Hobbs will have a pretty constant companion, now. I’ve decided to enroll in the bank’s MyWork program. In other words, I’ll get a fully outfitted office at home complete with office phone, always-on VPN, desk, chair, supplies, etc. Although they tout it as something good for the employees to allow them to manage their life and have a better work/life balance, the bottom line is that it costs the bank much less money to have someone work from home than to pay for an office space. However, I still appreciate the ability to work from home all the time, regardless of the ‘whys’.

For the past few months, I’ve been going into the office twice a week, but with gas prices continuing to rise, add to that the fact that I rarely see anyone when I go in, it makes sense for me to WFH all the time. It saves me about 2 hours per day in commute time plus savings in gas, savings in parking, etc. I’ve worked from home before, for about 18 months. It can get lonely at times, but I try to make sure that I get out and work in different places, just for a change. The best part is not having to look busy. My boss is very cool. He only cares that I get my work done and that’s it. It doesn’t matter when/where I do it, as long as it is done on time and with quality. I have no problem with that. Some people have told me that they wouldn’t be able to WFH and I can understand that, but obviously, I do not fall into the category. 🙂

What? You’re going to be home all of the time??? Alrighttttttttt!!!! I’m going back to sleep, now.

During the day I can have my buddy at my feet, or take a break and go for a nice long walk, come back, resume my day. I can wash clothes will attending a meeting, or watch Netflix while coding. I love the freedom! The bank leaves it up to the individual manager as to whether or not an employee can join the program. Some managers are old school and controlling. They do not allow their reports to WFH. Thankfully I don’t have such a manager, though I have had a few of those types who think that if they can’t see you, then you must not be working!

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