Nikon D300 – Nikkor 100 mm @ f/8 1/125
Another fun little experiment that I’ve wanted to do, take the same photo with both cameras. Here’s a shot of the moon from last night taken from my porch. Both shots were taken with the same lens, but using different camera bodies. As you can see, the D300 appears much larger given the crop factor of 1.5.

I took both of these images with the same lens, around 2 or 3 minutes apart. I cropped them both to be the same size. As the seniors on both cameras are almost the same size, this seemed like a fair experiment. As you can see, the D300 photo looks quite a bit larger, which is cool for pulling in distant objects. Of course, we all know that the D700 would ‘win’ on the other side of the playing field, at the wide angle.

Anyway, it was something fun to do and it gave me a reason, though I don’t even need one, to take photos of the moon!
Nikon D700 – Nikkor 100 mm @ f/8 1/125

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