Canon S90 – Perfectly capable!

Thanks to Monte for tweeting a link to this article, Unplug Your Life, written by Richard Wong. It’s a short, but good read. I enjoyed it.

Richard talks about ‘unplugging’ while on vacation. The article, for me makes sense; Richard says that he doesn’t own a smartphone and talks about it being a waste of time to spend time on the Internet while on vacation. I would agree with that, in part, but I think that it is all about moderation. For example, I find my smartphone to be an extremely useful device. No, not for checking in to Facebook or any such nonsense, but for getting directions. No longer do I need to take my car GPS with me, or my satellite radio. I have it with me all in one small package. Heck, it even makes phone calls and takes photos, to boot! Like him, I see so many people sitting at tables, in cars, or any other public venue, faces stuffed into the phones, not talking to each other. You’ve got to have some discipline about it, I think.

I will admit that it is sometimes difficult to decide what to take with me ‘on the road’, but it comes down to intent. What is it that I’m doing while there. Am I photographing and blogging or am I vacationing. Tom Dills and I discussed this before and he doesn’t like to process while on vacation. He’s happily on vacation now and we’ve not heard a peep from him. Nice! I’m sure that he’ll have stories to tell when he returns. There’s a time and a place for everything.

Next month, Deb and I will be cruising to The Bahamas. It’s my first cruise, ever, but not my first trip to The Bahamas. It’s just a short, 2-night cruise.

I’ve been considering what to take, as far as equipment. For sure, I won’t be taking a laptop. I’ll be on a cruise ship and have no interest to pay $1.00 or more per minute of Internet time. It can wait until I get back to free Wi-Fi. Also, processing can wait too. I will probably take my D300, one zoom lens, and my rarely used Epson P-3000 Multimedia Storage/Viewer. That’s it. I’ll copy the files from the card to the viewer and keep on shooting. Even that may be optional. We’ll be at sea for two days and only in Freeport for a single day. I may just take my S90 and a single 8 GB card and that’s it.

I guess that the unplugging is all about intent. I doubt, though, that I will ever go somewhere without two cameras: One that’s on my phone, as it always travels with me, and another more versatile camera, such as the S90, or above.

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