Every once in a while, I get the urge to try something different. A few weeks ago, I started looking at design magazines, books, and videos, trying to get an idea of what interior design is about. I cleaned up around the apartment, bought a few plants, nothing major. The place does look better, primarily because it is clean. LOL. Also, I’m pretty impressed. I’ve had the plants for a few weeks and they actually seem to be, dare I say, growing! Not dying. 😀

The local community college has some continuing education classes on interior design. They are about 6 weeks long, 3 hours every Monday starting in June, I think. Might be something to look into, especially given that I’ll be moving into a new (to me) house around the end of June, assuming that everything goes according to plan. I figure that it won’t hurt to know something about flow, pattern, texture, color, etc, so it doesn’t look like a “hot mess”, at least I hope not.

Also, on the list of things to try are painting and clay. I think that my mind is just looking to try something outside of photography, something a little different. I know that some of you play music, Julie does crochet, perhaps others sing. What other creative outlets do you use?

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