Here are links to several listings that seem to best fit your wish list. You can click on the exterior photos of each home to see additional pictures. I noticed that you are a photographer so you are sure to appreciate what a difference a good photo makes and some of them, as you will see, are far from being good. Don’t let that discourage you though, if the house seems otherwise interesting to you, let’s go visit it.
~Denise Chavanne – Realtor

The above quote is from one of the first e-mails that I received from my Realtor, Denise Chavanne. Denise is, in all senses of the word, a professional. She knows her stuff as well as knowing who else knows their stuff. She says that when she is the selling agent for a house, she has a professional photographer do the photos. I liked her right away. 😀  In browsing through lots of listings, you see lots of pictures. Most of them either taken by perhaps the owner, perhaps the agent, or, from what it looks like, someone who has no clue. They use a point & shoot camera, single flash on the camera, or perhaps even a cell phone.

I find this amazing. It seems that if you are trying to sell something that costs $100,000+, that you might want to not go cheap on the photos. The houses that generated the most interest for me were the ones with the best photos. The ones that gave me a sense of what the house looked like inside. Unfortunately, these are few and far between.

During our visit, Thursday, one house in particular caused me to remark: I’ll bet that this house would get so many more views if it had good photographs. The photographs of the house were really bad, taken with a cell phone. The pictures looked boring, uninteresting, and very much amateurish.  When I walked into the home, I was expecting, honestly, kind of a dump, but it was a beautiful home. Instantly, the photographer in me took over and I started thinking about how I would shoot it.  It was simply a lovely home!

My friend Richard and I were discussing a conversation that he had with someone. They were getting married in a few weeks and asked him if he’d do the wedding pictures. Mind you, they’d planned everything else, but waited last minute to ask him to do the photos. Of course, they wanted a “hook up”, a deep discount, nearly a freebie. He, of course, declined. Amazing! You take what is arguably the single most important person at the ceremony, then you go cheap!

Well, just a downside of digital photography for the masses. Anyone can do take a picture … What is the value of a photographer?

Just one missing element.
Sometimes it's nice being on the flight path