Red-bellied Woodpecker
I like when something is almost a sure thing. 🙂 The appearance of this guy is almost a sure thing if I take this particular route through the neighborhood. All that I need to do is show up around 7:30 AM, or so, and he’ll be outside of his hole, pecking away at the tree and getting his breakfast. He has a very distinctive voice that can be heard from a few blocks away. Click here for more information about this guy and his kind.

This morning was no different except that I had a camera with me that could get the shot. As I rounded the corner, I heard him pecking away. I looked up, saw that his back was to me, so I had to wait. As this was near the end of my walk and the morning was getting warm, I was dripping a bit with sweat and had to stand in the sunshine and be patient. Fortunately, he was in the mood for moving around and soon scooted around to the back of the tree, completely out of sight. Gee, thanks! More patience …
Eventually, he came around to the side and I moved to the same side and we were able to get our photo session going. We kept the session going for a few minutes while he moved around, posed, moved some more, posed some more and I … well, I sweated. 😀

Finally, a lady and her dog came down the sidewalk, but they were very polite, waiting until I finished my “set”. There were really no worries about frightening the bird off, though I appreciated the gesture, because he was about 50 – 60 feet in the air, well out of reach of the dog and probably most cats.

I’m sure that I’ll be having more photos of this guy as well as the local rabbit population. It sure is an interesting neighborhood if you look around.

A slower pace