On Friday I was thinking: What am I going to do on Saturday. I didn’t have anything planned and, sure I could have gone out and gone to the garden, taken pictures, etc. However, I wanted something a little different. Thinking back to a couple of weeks ago when I volunteered at the Dachshund rescue, I thought that I might volunteer somewhere, if anything was going on this weekend. Somewhere that I could blend volunteering and my camera.
I checked http://www.volunteermatch.org and found Relay For Life, an event sponsored by The American Cancer Society, taking place on Saturday between 3 and 7 PM. I sent an email, got back a confirmation that they needed help and that I could bring a couple of friends along to help as well. I posted on my Facebook account and one of my Peaceful Dragon sisters and her mom decided to join me.

I sent another email asking if they needed a photographer. She indicated that they had hired someone to shoot the main events, but that she could use someone to shoot other parts. Sure. I can shoot B-Roll. 🙂

We helped prepare the decorations and soft drinks for the Survivor Dinner. I got to meet a lot of really cool people and their children and sometimes grandchildren. After the dinner, I got out my camera and went to the track. The dinner was held at a middle school. There they had a few walks: a survivor walk, a caregiver walk, and a combined walk. There was singing, talking, laughing, and people having a good time celebrating the survivors and the caregivers.

I walked around, took some shots, and enjoyed the atmosphere. It was a very positive group, of course. They were celebrating life.

It was a fun thing to do. I’m on the hunt for more such opportunities. If you ever should find yourself bored and wanting for something worthwhile to do. Check out Volunteer Match for something in your area, grab your camera, and go! 😀

I'm goin' back to Cali