In a previous post, I spoke about personality types. At that time, back in January, most of the folks who answered the question and took the test were introverts, with the sole loner being my friend Richard, an extrovert.

Recapping, I am an INFJ, sort of a social introvert, if you will. πŸ™‚ This past weekend, I had interactions with many people during a volunteer opportunity. Of course, I took my camera with me. Cedric made an interesting comment that lead to this post when he said:

That’s a cool idea Paul. It would also be a good way for someone to get over their shyness of shooting strangers I imagine.

For a while, I enjoyed street photography, even bought a couple of Leicas … and subsequently sold them, too. Street photography is interesting. I like the results, but sometimes I don’t like doing it, other times I do. However, event photography is a whole different beast. Here, photography is expected and welcomed. The photographer is looked upon with great favor and lack of suspicion. Here, he or she, is welcomed, even sought out. For example, in the photo to the right, this lady saw me with my camera pointed at me, starting walking towards me and singing: “I’m a survivor!”, encouraging me to take her photo.
I’ve noticed that there is a completely different atmosphere. An atmosphere of trust. You can walk right up to anyone, point your camera their way and, if they see you, they will wave and start smiling; more often than not, they might not see you and go on about their business, totally oblivious to your presence or perhaps totally unconcerned. There’s a context. I’ve found this to be true in most any large gathering whether it be a parade or a protest. The photographer, regardless of whether or not they have a credential badge around their neck is welcomed, or at least not suspected.

With regard to Cedric’s comment, I suppose that this might be a training ground for those who want to do street photography, but this, based on my experience is much easier; That said, though, it could be my perception. There may be photographers who love the street and think it is very easy no matter where you point your camera. I guess it depends on your personalty and your personal view or fears that you may have.

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