Yesterday, when I went to pick Hobbs up from boarding, I was waiting at the counter for the young lady to bring him to the front. When she arrived, she had his medicines, his bedding, and of course, Mr. Hobbs. However, she held a broken vial of insulin in her hand.

She apologized profusely saying that she had dropped the vial when she removed it from the refrigerator. I told her that it was no problem, but that it would need to be replaced. It was a fresh vial of insulin that I had bought the day that I had boarded him, costing $77. The lady at the desk assured me that the manager, Dave, would take care of it, but he was out at the moment. She took my number. As I was about to leave, Dave came in and we discussed what happened and he agreed that he would replace the vial. He asked how much I had paid and I told him.

He got a rather shocked look on his face and asked: How much??? I repeated: $77. The rest of the conversation went something like this:

Paul: $77 – from CVS Pharmacy.
Dave: Well, my wife knows where to get it cheaper.
Paul: Fine by me. I just need to replaced.
Dave:(After calling his wife) – Paul. They sell this at Walmart for $24.88.
Paul:(WTF????) Really – Humulin-N by Eli Lilly?
Dave: Yep. One in the same.
Paul: Ummmm, OK.
Dave: I’ll call you when I get it and bring it to you.
Paul: OK – Thanks.

I drove home, a bit bewildered, and quite unbelieving that I could get something for $52 less than I had been paying for it, but decided to investigate when I got home. I had done what I thought was a thorough search for the least expensive option several months ago.

Sure enough, on a forum, I found that Walmart had made a deal with Eli Lilly to sell under the ReliOn brand, that same insulin, made by the same manufacturer for $24.88! Damn! Now, why didn’t the vet tell me this? Maybe she didn’t know. I’ll have to let them know.

Further, imagine my surprise when it came in the exact same packaging, with no mention of ReliOn – the same bottle, slightly smaller/narrower packaging, identical printing as what I had been paying 309% more for at CVS. Damn, again!

Now, my cost is only 32% of what it was, a savings of 68%. Walmart – You’re my hero! 🙂

I’m so glad that she dropped that vial – it was a truly lucky break! I made a request to Dave that she not be punished in any way, after all it was a mistake. He promised that he wouldn’t and allowed that he’d dropped a vial or two in his day. We both agreed that it worked out all around!

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