Yesterday, my friend, Michael, called to see what I was doing. He let me know that he had just come back from down in South Carolina where he was taking photos of sunflowers. I asked him where it was. He told me. I did a quick lookup and found that it was about 40 minutes away, Brattonsville, SC. I told him that I was planning to go the next morning, even though I had just finished moving today.

This morning, we met there at 6:00 AM and started taking photos of the sunflowers. There are acres and acres of them. As I walked up to one of the many fields, I started to get out my compass to see which way the sun would come up, but then I looked, and saw that all of the flowers were facing one way … Hmmm, pretty good bet! 😀 And you know what? They were right! LOL.

I noticed that there were bees on many of the flowers, say at least 50% of them, but they were a bit lethargic at the moment; however, when the sun started to warm the fronts of the flowers, the pace of the bees quickened and they began their work in earnest, buzzing from flower to flower, collecting pollen. All around there was the hum of bees. I thought of my son, Tony, who does not like insects in the least. He’d be having a fit with all of those bees around and would have to leave the area. He’s pretty afraid of them, although if you ask him, he just “doesn’t like” them. Uh, huh!

Anyway, it was pretty cool standing in the midst of all of that activity. I wasn’t bothered, but rather taken with their collecting.

Michael looking or the perfect spot
We stayed from about 6:00 until about 7:45 AM. By that time, the sun had climbed over the trees in the distance and it was starting to get hot. Today calls for plenty more sunshine and a high of 103. Looks like I’ll be in for the rest of the day, unpacking boxes. 🙂

Making a good photograph
This is a fascinating place