A drink to start the day
I started the day with the 24-70 mm lens, looking down rows, seeing patters, etc. Soon, I decided to switch to the 100 mm macro lens to have a closer look. I wanted to see parts of the flowers, not only the whole. I wanted to see the flowers in different stages of development.

On one particular flower, I was photographing, moving this way and that, and noticed an irregular shape in my background. Upon closer inspection, it was this little guy having a sip of morning dew, before getting the day started. I tried to get as close to him as possible, without disturbing him. Although my lens is capable of 1:1 magnification, the fella was very, very small, such that even at 1:1 magnification, he would have only been a few millimeters long, my guess, he was probably about 3 – 5 mm long, stem to stern! 🙂 This photo is cropped about 100%, below is the uncropped version.

After I photographed him, I thought of all of the other wonders that there might be among those acres of flowers, but alas, the sun was beaming, I was sweating, and all thoughts turned to the wonders of that invention called air conditioning!

BTW, the ‘this’ that I refer to as a fascinating place is not just this sunflower field, but this planet! So much to see and discover!

Must love bees
All moved in