My new backyard – Early morning just after sunrise
Well, the closing is finished, the moving is done. I’m all moved in. As a matter of fact, I’ve been in my new home for 1 week. I’ve unpacked mostly all of the boxes, save for about 3 of them, which belong to my home office. The home office is being ‘designed’ and will be put together over the coming months as time and money allow. I started today by getting rid of the baby blue walls and replacing it with a nice, somewhat subdued yellow. Desks and other accoutrements to follow.

The house suits me well. It’s about 1300 square feet, well laid out, faces north/south, and has a really pleasant backyard, pictured above. I was out with Hobbs on July 4th and I had a chance to meet my neighbor, Reesa. She’s originally from Long Island, NY. She’s a very nice lady with lots of cool flowers in her yard as well as a garden. She has a dog, too, a Border Collie. She told me that if the dog barks to much, just tell her to “Shut up!” and she will. LOL – So far, I’ve heard her once, but not enough to bother me – actually, I would have had to have everything turned off and completely silent to kind of hear the dog.

So far, so good. Beats the heck out of apartment life. There’s no one upstairs walking around in heels. I don’t miss Mr. Harley Davidson and his loud-ass motorcycle starting up right when I start my conference calls, either. πŸ™‚

It’s been very hot lately, so I’ve not had much time to enjoy the backyard. I didn’t take some time one evening to go and sit upon the rocks, which were quite warm. It was a nice experience. I took some time to do some Tai Chi in the backyard, as well. In the photo, you can see Hobbs, to the right of the frame, looking for a ‘spot’ in which to do his business. This house suits me very well. I’m happy with the purchase.

This is a fascinating place
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