I have some pretty cool neighbors. Shortly after I moved in, I met my neighbor, Reesa. Facing the house, she’d be the neighbor to the left. She was born in Long Island, NY, lived in Fort Lauderdale, FL for 18 years, then moved to Charlotte about 7 years ago. She says that she loves it much more than Florida, which had too much ‘sameness’. I understood what she meant. Same weather. Same elevation. No change in seasons, etc. She has a number flowers in her yard as well as a garden. When I was outside yesterday, waiting for Mr. Hobbs to ‘finish’, she called me over to the fence to tell me that she had come to knock on my door the day before because she wanted to give me some tomatoes form her garden! I love fresh tomatoes. She’d left 3 of them on my grill. Very nice.

About 2 days after I had moved in, I heard a knock on my front door. I wasn’t expecting anyone. A nice young lady was at the door with her daughter. She said that her name was Jen and that she was my next door neighbor, to the right. She welcomed me to the neighborhood and presented me with a fresh bag of Panera Bread’s three-cheese bread and a welcome card from her and her husband, Mike! Fortunately, Tony was there and got to see this. He thought that it was very cool because he had never seen it happen before. He said: I thought that that only happened in the movies! We both had a laugh at that. I can say, also, that UNfortunately, Tony was there. This was one of those days where he had awakened late, hadn’t eaten yet, and someone put something very tasty in front of him. Let’s just say that when I went to bed, there was a whole loaf of bread. When I woke up the next morning, there were 3 pieces left! Well, at least I got to try it! LOL

I have some very cool neighbors! Also, everyone that I’ve met during my walks are very friendly, most of them have dogs, so I get to pet a few pooches along the way. Very nice. A good decision.

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