In general, I like to travel light. That is, take just enough equipment to get the job done, whatever that is. I travel with just enough clothes, etc. As I prepare for my trip out west to visit with Anita, Bob, and hopefully, Ibarionex if his schedule allows, I find myself in a dilemma. What should I take?

The part of me that loves to travel light says: Just take the Nikon P-510. It has a 24-1000 mm lens, is lightweight, and can do whatever you want it to do. It takes pictures! Also, if you want to go early morning, take your lightweight aluminum tripod with you and have at it, just be patient with the auto focus. πŸ˜€

The other part that likes ‘equipment’ and such says: So, you have that D700. Why not take it and use it? Grab that tripod and heavy ballhead and get you some sturdy pictures on those two or three mornings that you’ll be in the desert! (Saturday and Sunday morning, possibly even Monday morning.)

I was reading Earl’s posts before he went to Italy and he was taking his Olympus EM-5, a pretty lightweight camera that got the job done. Tom also was making similar considerations before embarking for the wilds of Alaska. Of course, to those of you who have multiple types of cameras, this dilemma is familiar.

I guess that I could break it down in to categories, or shall I say ‘intent’. It’s a no-brainer if I’m going to meet other photographers for the express purpose of taking lots of photos, as I did when I went to New Mexico a few years ago with my friend Kate, or when I met some friends in Asheville. Yep. Bring the big guns; however, if I am going on vacation, for example, with Deb, then lightweight it is. I just want a few snaps of where we have been and maybe a few early morning walking around shots. Heck! I went all the to Australia with only the M9 and one lens and survived!

Funny, while writing this post, I made a decision. I am going to travel light as I would only be using the tripod and ‘heavy equipment’ for 2 mornings out of 7 and, quite frankly, that’s not enough usage to haul it here and there, even though it would be sitting most of the time. I’m sure that the P-510 will do a stellar job. Of course, I’ll take a back-up, the S90, just in case. πŸ˜€ Or should I take a film camera … LOL

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