Let’s start of with this: No! This is not a painting that I found during my move of something that I painted in the 3rd grade! LOL – I painted this today, thank you very much!

Today, I think that I became even more thankful for the invention of the camera, a wonderful device that allows me to express my vision or view of the world without a brush in hand! 🙂

I joined my friend, and fellow Tai Chi student, Deanna, to celebrate her 50th birthday. I was invited to attend the party at Painting With A Twist. A place where you can go as individual, or a group and spend 2 or 3 hours following an instructor on how to paint a certain painting, in this case, some glasses on a table, a still life.

The instructor walks you through, step by step, explaining how to do things. There were about 14 or 15 of us there and everyone’s painting looked completely different. Some were actually quite good. There were a couple of guys who decided to paint something else and those turned out pretty good, too.

As for me, it was fun. My painting, though, was so-so, but it gave me an appreciation for my camera. I had an interesting discussion with the artist that was teaching us how to paint. During the break, I thought that I should have tried to paint one of my photos. I pulled out my phone, opened up SmugWallet, and she came over to have a look. She really liked the photography and said to me: I don’t know how you do it! My photos never look good. I can paint, but I cannot take pictures. I thought that rather odd, and said so; however, they are completely different disciplines, but requiring lots of dedicated practice to become proficient. I thought – well, anyone can take a picture, which is true, but I guess that not anyone can take an image that connects with someone.

Here, in the other picture, Deanna was putting the finishing touches on her painting, by painting the bottom of the canvas – she did not paint it while it was upside down.

It was a fun time and I gained even more respect for painters! 🙂


Early morning sunbathing neighbor
Olympian Justin Lester