Justin Lester – 66 KG – Greco-Roman Wresting – Image copyright KnoxNews
This is a photo of nephew, Justin Lester. Tomorrow he is wrestling the Olympics. It has been, truly, his life-long dream to wrestle in the olympics. He was born in 1983, about a year before I left Akron, OH. He is the youngest child of my oldest brother, Fred Jr. If I remember correctly, he started wrestling in elementary school, carried it all the way through high school, was state champion 2 or 3 times and wanted to be in the olympics, wrestling freestyle. Later, he got tired of freestyle and changed to Greco-Roman.

8 years ago, he tried for the Olympics and missed. 4 years ago, he tried again, and missed by one position. This time, he tried again and made it. Tomorrow night, if all goes well, he will wrestle for the gold! He has to make it through qualifying rounds, a group of 16, 4, then 2. If he makes it all the way, he will wrestle for the gold in the evening.

I’ve been following him on Twitter (@LesterToLondon) and he seems very much pumped up and ready! I’m so proud of him. Talk about an undying spirit. Wanting to be in the olympics since grade school, now 28 years old and finally there. An ‘overnight’ success! LOL

He said on one of his tweets that he doesn’t need wishes of ‘luck’ because he’s done the training and is ready; however, I’ll say it anyway, good luck nephew! Bring home that gold!!!

I wish that I could say that I taught him everything he knows, but in truth, with being so far away, I rarely got to see him and only saw him wrestle on video, but I’m still very proud of his effort!

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