The road to nowhere
I’m about to head off to another adventure. In 3 weeks, I’ll be heading for the vacation Mecca, known as McCook, NE. Tony’s going to school there. I wonder if could have picked a more out of the way place. I wonder …

As he will be out in the wilds of Nebraska, I wanted him to have his car with him. I’ve decided to drive with him and fly back. In this way, he doesn’t need to do the 22 hour drive by himself. Of course, we will not being doing it all in one fell swoop, but over 2 days. 14 hours one day, about 8 the next. After I get him there on Friday evening, we’ll rest, or at least I will. Saturday morning will be for moving in, and Sunday morning, I will depart. I’ve looked at all manner of transportation to get the heck out of there, planes, trains, and automobiles! Going by plane from there is quite the ordeal that I don’t even want to consider. It’s something like $600 one way and takes about 14 hours to get back to Charlotte because of all of the stops and layovers.

I’ve devised a different plan. I will catch Amtrak from McCook, NE to Denver, CO, a $39, 4-hour trip. Then, spend a day and a night in Denver, then catch a flight back to Charlotte. Much cheaper and faster than catching a flight from the netherworld! Hopefully, Monte and John might be around and the 3 of us can meet for lunch or, perhaps, a Sunday evening outing!

Well, I’ve wanted to ride on Amtrak, now I get my chance … even though the train leaves at 3:43 AM. It will be riding in the dark, but there are no other options for the train. A short flight costs $200, so looks like it will be the train!

Now, I’ve got to make my multiple reservations for our stays along the way. Details! Details! Details! I must say that I am tired of traveling for the year, but it has been fun! I plan on taking just the P-510 … let’s see if I can keep up with it this time. LOL

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