I got an email just a little while ago introducing the Nikon D600, a 24.3 MP, FX camera for $2,099, body only. It was interesting that Nikon skipped from D300 to D700 and is now working backwards. Hmmmm, I wonder what will be the D500 and D400? πŸ™‚

Of course, it looks like a scaled down D800, smaller, fewer features, fewer pixels; however, this makes sense, considering production runs. Might as well hit both sides of the market. The interesting thing is that it only differs in price by about $800+ from the D800. I wonder if that is enough to cause some people to buy this one rather than the D800. And this, right on the heels of the iPhone 5 announcement. What’s a guy to do?! Absolutely nothing. I’m, surprisingly, not interested in either one of them.

What about you?

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