Half way there!

This weekend the harvest moon will rise. It is the first full moon of autumn and is usually one of the moonrises that look especially large and close. According to the Moon app on my phone, moonrise will be at 1843 EDT. This time, I think is just about a perfect time for moonrise because sunset is a little after 7, allowing for a nice balance of light. Over the next couple of days, I need to pay attention to where the moon is rising, exactly, and see if I can scope out a location to get a nice moonrise.

I’d love to see it over the lake near my house but it’s usually pretty high in the sky by the time that it makes it over the lake, from my vantage point. Also, I thought of downtown Charlotte, but most of the good locations that I know of fast west. Damn! I’ll figure it out and will be out with both the D700 and P-510.

Keep your cameras ready and get out there with me! 😀

Now, evenings available.
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