Darling Harbour, Sydney Australia

I have been following a few photographers who travel a lot. This is not to say that they are travel photographers, but more photographers who travel. It’s not their profession. From the outside, it appears glamorous – you get to see all sorts of cool destinations that people only dream of. From the inside, according to their blogs, it’s a bit different. It’s somewhat of a lonely life as they can rarely find someone who can/wants to go with them. There are few people who have the time or resources to do such a thing and, probably more importantly, have the desire or ability to spend so much time alone.

When there is no place you’ve decided to call your own, no matter where you go, you are always heading home. ~ Muso Soseki

My own experience with Australia was that, although it was exciting, it was a bit lonely. Perhaps, being inexperienced, I ended up in the wrong place, downtown Sydney, where everyone kept to themselves, save for one gentleman that I met on my last full day there. The people in the businesses were friendly enough, in a polite business sort of way. I said at that time that it reminded me of Manhattan – full of hustle, bustle, head-down hurriedness. I’m sure that I would have had a completely different experience had either of two things happened:

1. I had met Cedric in Sydney or,
2. I had met him in his home town of Brisbane.

Also, if I had had someone with me. The big difference is that I would have known someone who could have showed me around, given me a bit of local flavor, or since I was in Australia, “flavour”! 😉 It really was my first solo trip and what a big one that was to try to chew on.

Freeport, Grand Bahama – The Bahamas

This, of course, is a personality thing. I handle aloneness well, but sometimes I like to have someone to share the journey. I guess that it depends on what is the mission. If it is photography, probably not a problem. If it is a mixture of vacationing and photography, that’s different. I no problem when I was in California for a week by myself. In fact, I really enjoyed. It started of with meeting Anita, from there it was photography in the mornings and evenings, all alone in the Mojave Desert, yet not far away from civilization, quite enjoyable.

As I look to my final adventure this year, The Grand Canyon, Tucson, AZ, Nogales, Sonora – Mexico, all with Deb, all in about 6 days, I’m excited. I get the best of both worlds, photography and ‘vacationing’. Next year looks to be a busy travel year, too. I plan to head north, hitting Webster, NY (Where life is worth living) for Ken and Paul, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, just to see Niagara Falls again, swinging over towards Detroit, MI to meet Mark, then back down through Akron, OH and Columbus, OH for a visit. A round trip of nearly 2,000 miles. I plan to make this a two week journey. This will be more towards the summer, long after the snow has cleared, as I plan to be driving!

Also on the schedule is a trip down into San Miguel de Allende, Mexico to visit with Niels Henriksen, who has generously offered to show me around the town. He visits here from time to time and makes the occasional post. I also follow him on Facebook.This will probably be more on the order of a long weekend, Wednesday to Sunday. I’ll have to complete this before March, though, as he plans to make his route back towards his home in Canada at the end of March.

White Sands National Monument – Alamogordo, NM

Will I get to do all of these? Life will let me know soon enough, but it’s what I have planned.

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