Pee Dee National Wildlife Refuge

Just when I think that I know what’s going on with the printer, it jumps up to bite me and make me “waste” paper and ink on learning … the hard way. Honestly, I’m not like my son, Tony, I’ll listen to suggestions. I don’t need to learn everything the hard way. I don’t. 😀

So, in preparation for some more frames, I printed out a number of prints that I intended to hang. Printed them on 13 x 19″ (Super A3) paper. They looked glorious. I decided to re-frame a print. So, I took one of the large prints that I had framed, removed it from its frame and mat and put my newly printed masterpiece under the mat and … the print was quite a bit smaller than the opening. Huh? Everything in Lightroom said 12 x 18 or 13 x 19 paper. However, the prints were coming about 11.375 (28.9 cm) x 17.125 (43.5 cm), not 12 (30.5 cm) x 18 (45.7 cm). To make a long story short, nothing that I did seemed to change the outcome.

After spilling a bit more liquid gold and paper, I hit Google. After refactoring my searches, I finally came upon the issue, present in both LR and PS. There is a checkbox on one of the dialogs, Scale To Fit Paper Size, which is checked by default. Seems that this will automatically add “borders” for you, regardless of what you put into the LR or PS. Unchecking this box leaves the print exactly as you want it. It seems to me that this would be the default behavior! Grrr! This makes no sense to me as how much scaling is needed to fit a 12 x 18 rectangle in a 13 x 19? Seems like a defect, not a feature!

The Magic Checkbox

You’d think that considering how long I’ve had this printer I would have noticed this. Well, though I’ve printed what I thought was 12 x 18 before, I’ve never tried to frame one of the prints. I went back and looked at some older, 12 x 18 prints and, yep, they suffer from the same lack of the correct size.

Now all of that business is fixed and I printed the same print, once again, and it fit perfectly under the mat. I don’t even want to know how much it cost me to print that particular one and have a number of others that will need to be reprinted if I expect to hang them with that particular mat size.

No one said that it was going to easy, or free for that matter. 😀

Sometimes, you just have to stop and take the picture.
Standing on the edge