This evening I followed a tweet to an article about discovering your photographic style. After reading the article, I was not convinced because the article didn’t really cover anything about what a style was, which, by definition is just really a way of doing things – perhaps a distinctive way of doing things. I decided to read a few other articles on the same topic. Some were better than others saying that your style had to do with your personality and mood. To this, I kind of took issue because our moods are in a constant state of flux, not staying still so long as to make a style.

Then, some time later, I just decided that it wasn’t important. How can you even find your style? Styles change. Styles are organic, as in they grow on their own not by any effort. I suppose, in my opinion, if you are putting forth effort to create a style then it’s probably not really yours, only a persona, if you will.

If I were to label my photographic style I would say it was “fascinated”, not fascinating because I am fascinated by all that is around me and I don’t think that I frame or convey things the same way all the time or even post process them the same. Therefore, in a line-up of photos, I doubt seriously that someone could pick my photos (my style) out of the line-up either by style or subject matter. I’m all over the place and that feels right.

Further, knowing how people are, if I did have a discernible style, they’d say: He always takes his photos the same way! He needs to branch out, explore, do something original! LOL Just the nature of the beast, I suppose.

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