Another Day In Paradise
Well, the count says 8,503 photos, though in truth, I have no idea how many I shots I took this year. After my massive clean up, there’s no way to tell. It doesn’t matter. I had a great year this year. I traveled a lot. I met Anita, Bill, and Ibarionex in California – that was a nice threefer!. Went to Joshua Tree National Park. Visited my friend Richard in Texas. Went to The Grand Canyon, Mexico, and The Bahamas with Deb. Hung out with Monte for part of a day. Got my son all settled in Nebraska. Finally framed some pictures, 20 of them to be exact. Decorated my office. Reconnected with Combat Chuck to close the year off. Completed 2/5 books that I had intended (well, not everything got done!) Good stuff!

I don’t make resolutions, so I won’t make one here. However, I do make plans. 🙂 I plan to travel more in the coming year, meet more bloggers, visit more national parks, and return to doing my Tai Chi 3x/week. I had fallen off recently to just once or twice per week. Time to get back on it.

So, there you have it. 50 loops around the sun for me, heading for 51! I wish you all an exciting (in a good way) and prosperous new year full of fun, laughter, and of course, lots of picture taking and who knows, even a new camera (Cedric!)!!!

Damn! Had to add this in because I forgot: Bought a house! LOL

Combat Chuck!
The end of a dream? Not really.