Josh Miller

The above photo is of a former coworker of mine, Josh Miller. I met Josh when I worked for SAIC in South Carolina (August 2008 – Feb 2010). Sometimes Josh, Kevin, and I would go over to eat lunch in Riverfront Park and watch the cargo ships move up and down the river. We worked together on the same project. Josh was a web designer, Kevin and I, developers. However, he was just there temporarily. His dream, and what he talked about a lot, was to open his own business, a small cafe serving wine and coffee, displaying his own art as well as the art of others. He even had a name for it, How Art Thou, blending both his art as well as his firm Christian beliefs, cleverly, into the title.

Eventually, Josh turned in his notice and set about making his dream come true, and it did. They even turned a profit after about 6 months. The dream was a reality! Then, in March of 2012, tragedy struck. He was driving home one Sunday and had a head-on collision with another truck and died at the scene. It was quite shocking. He was only 33.

In a small world moment, when I was in Charleston this past weekend with Combat Chuck, we got to talking about things and I mentioned something about Josh. He knew Josh as well and told me about the business and wanted to take me over there to see it. We went in, I took my camera, but for some reason, just couldn’t seem to take it out of the bag. I was quiet. How Art Thou is a small, comfortable business, just like what he talked about. I had the opportunity to meet his father-in-law and chat with him about Josh for a bit. He told me that Josh had done the paint on the walls, built the wine rack, as well as other finishing touches around the place. There were ample paintings and photography on the wall by local artists, just like he wanted. It was quite amazing and uplifting to see what he had accomplished, that he didn’t give up on his dreams just to earn a paycheck.

After about 10 minutes, Chuck and left. I was feeling quite good and it was very nice to have met his father-in-law/business parter, and to step into the space that had been transformed from a dream into reality … the dream lives on!

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