Weeping angel

I never really know where I might find an influence for the final output of a photo. Of late, I’ve been thinking that I want to do more post processing to some of my photos. The problem, sometimes, is that I really don’t have an idea of what the final product might look like, so I don’t even attempt; however, when I was visiting with Anita, she told me that that was her modus operandi. She’d just take an image, start playing with it, and see where it leads. Of course, looking at her work, I can see that those that she shows certainly led to a great place!
I took this image and, inspired by Anita, Doctor Who’s Weeping Angels, and a $5 eBook from Craft & Vision called Dodge & Burn : Leading the eye with Lightroom and Photoshop, began to play with it and try to make it look at bit sinister. πŸ™‚

It took a bit of playing, cropping, burning, and dodging, but I like the end result. I didn’t result to using PS, but didn’t need to. The second photo is what the orginal scene looked like, straight out of the camera. As you can see, it needed some work to get it there, but it was fun. I guess that just shows me that if the picture has “good bones”, it might need some coaxing to get it to show itself!

Mind you, she doesn’t have a sneering face full of sharp teeth, but there was nothing that I could do about that. πŸ˜€

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