Pedro & Tony
There have been many times when I’ve been exceptionally happy that I took up photography as a bobbie; today was one of those times. Although I moved about 7 months ago, I still have a couple of boxes that have been opened, but are still unpacked. They contain film and 4 x 6 prints.

Most of the prints, in my humble estimation, are complete, utter crap. LOL – They are not-so-good vacation photos. They are from that time when I went from photographer to vacation photographer – well, actually, my more important hat that I wore at that time was of father and husband. Therefore, most of the shots were snapshots. However, there were those few that were actually pretty decent, like this shot above. Probably the photograph would mean nothing much to anyone else, but it strikes a chord with me because I was there to witness so many moments of my guys playing together, of Tony learning a sports skill from his older brother.
Me 5
Since this was scanned from a negative, I have no idea when it was taken. My best guess for a time frame has to be circa 1996, perhaps as late as 1997. Tony would have been 4 or 5, Pedro, 12 or 13.

Today, as I scanned and put their photos on Facebook as well as sending them texts with the photos attached, I felt good when I got their replies of appreciation. They really liked the photos. That makes it all worthwhile. It’s good to be the keeper of the archives, pull a few out, and surprise them with photos that they never knew existed or had long since forgotten about.
Scan 8
I even found some that I’d forgotten about, especially this one with my first Miniature Schnauzer, Fritz. Now, a number of years later, the two younger ones that you see, Sara and Tony, are both in college. Pedro has made it through college, graduated, and gotten married. How time flies! I’m glad that I’m around to capture a few moments!

Transformation and influence
The lesser known dog, Fritz