Last night, some time around 21:15, or so, I was hit by a SPAM storm. This has happened before, but the combination of Akismet and Sparm Karma 2 was generally able to keep it bay; however, last night, I suppose the torrent was too great and it caused my site to exceed my CPU allowance on my host. That said, they deactivated my site. This morning I called Bluehost, my hosting company, and asked what I needed to do to get back into business. They said that I had to install a ‘captcha’ plugin.

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely despise, no abhor, no make that – have a deep, visceral hatred for captcha. I find it very annoying when I run into it. It gets in the way of the commenting flow to have to try to read those crazed, squiggly, warped letters and numbers. So, I made a concerted effort to put into place something that would work, yet wouldn’t be an impediment to posting. I found GASP, which stands for Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin. Totally simple in design and function. It’s a simple checkbox that says: Confirm you are NOT a spammer. I’ve surrounded the box, in the above image, with a red rectangle.You’ll see it right below the comment button. If you forget to check it, you’ll be presented with a dialog box reminding you.

I hated to have to add it, but, SPAM is now a way of life and we need all kinds of ways to combat it.

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