Reflections: I remember when …

Over the years, I have so many photos of Hobbs that I could make a book, and I will. I didn’t intend to document his life, it just sort of happened. However, now in his later years, it seems essential. I’m watching him age, sometimes gracefully, sometimes not so much. He has his good days and bad days. Sometimes he’s full of energy, other times, seems lethargic, dazed, and confused. Today was one of those confusing days for him, or at least I think that it is confusion. Sometimes he’ll just stand in one position, stare, turn around, stare, and complete that loop several times before finally deciding to lie down or perhaps do something else. I know that his vision is not good, but sometimes he has no problems, other times, he’s bumping into things.


There have been a few times when I’ve come home and found him in unusual places, like in the closet. He was probably looking for me, couldn’t find me, ended up in the closet, and couldn’t figure out how to get back out.

I’ve taken to keeping a camera in the living room. In the above picture, he was about to get into his bed; however, he just stopped and stayed right there for about 3 or 4 minutes, doing nothing. Eventually, he got into the bed. Each morning, the sun shines through the window to the left and usually, he’ll get out of his bed to lie in the shaft of sunlight. I guess that the warmth feels good.

I think that, now, in his advanced age, it’s important for me to relish and photograph these different moments. I guess that is how projects are born. We photograph that which matters to us over time.

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