To all of my fellow bloggers who live in the climates where it is cold and snowy from November through perhaps March or April, I salute you and your fortitude! 😉

This weekend I am in Akron, Ohio helping my sister to celebrate her birthday. Normally, I stay out of these parts until springtime! When I landed in Akron, yesterday, it was a brisk 19 degrees. This morning, 12 degrees with wind chill of -6. Totally unheard of in Charlotte – thankfully!

I debated about going down to the Towpath, a walking path that goes from Akron to Cleveland. I kept looking at the weather and thinking that I didn’t want to be bothered. However, soon, I bundled up, headed out, and had a pleasurable hour walking around, taking photos, and enjoying the silence. There was no one around save for me. Near the end of my jaunt, I did run into a guy who was walking as well. I told him: I bet you thought you’d be alone this morning. He said: Yep! I have been for the last two days. You’re the only person that I’ve seen down here since Tuesday.


I guess that I’ve not lost so much of my cold hardiness! At any rate, it’s probably because it is such a different thing for me and I wanted to be out in it. Were I still living here, I probably wouldn’t have been out, but I’m just passing through. I’ll return to the warmer embrace of Charlotte, NC on Sunday!

And just like that, it was over.
The quiet places