It was my last night in San Miguel de Allende. Niels and I were standing atop an overlook, taking photos of the city. A few people came, had a look, stayed for a short while, then left. Eventually, a newer model Volkswagen Beetle pulled up. These two ladies got out of the car, the younger one made a beeline for me, her camera photo thrust out and asked me to, in Spanish, to take their picture. She even pointed to where to press the button.

I lined up the shot, using gestures, took a couple of photos, let them see, they were pleased. They got back into the car, admired the photos, laughed a little bit, then took off.

I must be an approachable guy because I seem to always end up with someone else’s camera in my hand, taking their photos, which I love to do. Who needs to understand the words? 🙂

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