I have a new guest in my house. Well, not exactly “in” my house, but above my front door. It seems as though a family of finches has decided to move in. I noticed momma was putting grass, weeds, twigs, and all of the amenities of home right there above the door. There is a window above the door, allowing light to come in, but granting privacy. I noticed her flying back and forth through out the day, the shelf getting more and more ‘comfortable’. Finally, earlier this week, she began to stay longer and longer periods. Based on the amount of time that she’s been putting in this week, I would assume that the eggs have been lain and she is minding them, waiting for them to hatch.

She’s quite skittish. Anytime that I walk by the door, if it is open and she can see me, she bolts, abandoning her clutch. Of course, she always returns within a few minutes. Sometimes, during the day, I can hear her keeping up a bit of a fuss.

The chicks haven’t hatched yet. As she just started sitting, it will probably be about 12 – 18 days, putting it around the 8th of July, or so. I’ll have to keep checking back. I most certainly want to get pictures of them getting fed. I have the stepladder posted close to the door. I need to get up there and clean the glass so that I can have a great view into their world.

More, as they develop.

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